Sunday, 25 July 2010

Simon Hughes takes double-speak to new heights

Many of us are wondering what Lib Dem members and voters are making of the decisions and policies of the coalition Government. Stephen Hughes has made an astonishing statement in an attempt to smooth away their worries.

He said in a radio interview that, of course, Lib Dems would never have supported a policy like those that form the Academies Bill. ‘But now, we support the Academies Bill, because it’s part of the deal.’ This is the most bald statement of ‘we are supporting things we don’t believe in so we can stay in power’ that’s been admitted to, yet. How is this going to smooth concerns . . .

Interestingly, the Leader of the Labour Group on Birmingham City, Albert Bore, mentioned such behaviour more than a year ago to me . . . (Conservatives and Lib Dems control the City Council.) He said the Lib Dems would never join with Labour in the council; ‘They refuse to vote with us even when they agree with us, preferring to vote with the Conservatives even when they don’t agree with them.’

At least their dishonesty (or shameless opportunism) is consistent!

Stephen Hughes went on to explain why Lib Dem voting support is falling. ‘Labour keeps attacking us instead of the Conservatives.’ Oh dear, I do feel sorry for you, Simon.

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