Friday, 9 July 2010

Education Cuts - Mr Creepy's Own Goal

When Michael Gove announced his swingeing cuts to the budget for rebuilding and renovating schools, one of the disturbing aspects was his apparent glee at doing it. He appeared to be bathing in the sunlight of being the among the first, the biggest and the most brutal cutter of the new Government. Obviously keen to catch Sir's eye and one of the new prefects.

Now his untimely haste has jumped right back and bitten him. Mistakes in the first list and then in the second shows what a prat this man is.

That having been said, I find myself truly upset by the announcement. I've been in many schools of different types and for different ages, and the least we can offer young people is a decent place in which to work, learn and develop. This is not a 'hard' cut, it's a disgraceful one.

Does Gove really think he and his government can now get away with pouring money into his free schools - get the marketing ploy there. Gove is keen on pointing out that we have a two tier education system. But neither he, nor his cronies, ever mention the public (ie private) schools that truly create the inequality in the UK education system.

This education cut and the free schools policy are but the start of an old-style Conservative free market philosophy. Once again, they will try to prove that the free market can solve all ills.

Well, no it can't. Shame that our young people must be such an early victim.

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