Saturday, 10 July 2010

Let the Church of England potter into irrelevancy

Here we go again . . . the Church of England struggling to drag itself forward into the 21st Century.  Should we have women bishops?  Should we allow gay bishops?  It's clear that the C of E has a group within it that's hard-core misogynist and homophobic.  Par for the course, you might say, just like society as a whole.  But the trouble is the Church is bending over backwards to accommodate these views instead of confronting them.

I am a confirmed atheist.  I struggle to get this stated on equal opportunities forms . . . where I have to put it in a box called 'religion' for the most part!  So really I don't worry too much about what the Church is doing - these debates could be part of it's death throes.

However, the Church, as an organisation, has power - albeit perhaps, lobbying power - in this country.  So its lack of equality of opportunity should concern us all.  But we shall never have a mature democracy in this country until there is a real divide between Church and State.  People should be free to follow their religions, but not free to impose their views at all on the rest of us.

Such a disestablishment, I fear, is a long way away, though.  But I don't give up hope. 

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