Monday, 26 July 2010

It's the Count that Counts

There are moans in the air that the LP - strictly the Parliamentary Labour Party in this instance - should get its act together and become a proper opposition. An unfair criticism.

The PLP is behaving itself very well indeed over the leadership period. Besides which any new government has a honeymoon period - sometimes long, sometimes short. The LP announced quite clearly its leadership timetable. In the meantime, portfolio holders make intelligent and effective responses as issues arise. If they are measured . . . then an element of treading water is appropriate.

And the political silly season’s coming up.

Those feeling understandably impatient, just wait until the new team is in place in October.

I’ve said before the leadership campaign is edifying. What is going to be unedifying is the halting dawdle to a decision at the count. The count for the leadership is held under the AV system. Anyone following the count for the deputy leadership will remember how protracted the process is.

On the topic of AV, I have now worked out how I should vote in the projected referendum. I’d have to vote NO. Not on the basis that I think FPTP is fairer; just that I think it fairer to vote for the status quo rather than shift to a system that’s equally as poor.

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